The Chain Dawg tool was developed and patented by T.C. Tool Co., LLC in an effort to assist truck drivers with installing their tire chains.

The idea came from a truck driver who was frustrated with the effort and time he spent chaining up.  The Chain Dawg will get the chains on tight the first time, with no more stopping to re-tighten the chains.  We all know the old saying, “Time is Money”.  No more struggling to get one more link, this tool makes it so simple and easy!

This is the ultimate tire chain tool and you’ll be amazed once you’ve used it.  The tighter the chains are, the faster you can go.  When the chains are loose, they either wear out or break.  The Chain Dawg gets the slack out and extends the life of your chains!

We are retailing the tool for $29.95 plus applicable sales tax and USPS Priority mail shipping. You can purchase 1-10 tools on one order for the same fixed shipping cost of $10 (USA destination only). All purchases of 11-50 on one order is $20 (USA destination only).

Ships via USPS Priority Mail. We also ship to Canada and Overseas at the USPS current International rate. Please contact us in regards to discounted prices on orders of 50 or more.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on using your Chain Dawg

Ready to get your own?

Below is a video demonstration (Please know that we are aware the gentleman has his chains on wrong, but the tool still works!)

 *Please note, our site went through a host update and now orders from our Canadian customers are not working correctly. We are working on getting this fixed. In the meantime any of our Canadian friends who are wishing to order our tool can use the message area in the Contact Form below. We would need to know your USPS mailing address, phone number and the # of tools you wish to order. We can then email you an invoice and once paid, we can process your order for shipment. Thank you for your patience!

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