Chain Dawg Tool

Chain Dawg Tool

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The Ultimate Tire Chain Tool



The Ultimate Tire Chain Tool

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9 reviews for Chain Dawg Tool

  1. Chris

    Great tool to have! It allows you to use leverage to grab that next link or links so when you tighten the cams your chains are tight the first time. I’ve had mine for about 5 years without any problems and no tangled chains between the drives.

  2. Larry the tow guy

    Love this tool! When snow hits in my area as a hvy tow operator we sometimes chain up a half-dozen times a day! An when your cold & tired this thing help get the chains on quick easy & tight! By helping you get that half a link you juuust can’t ever seem to it allows you to run your chains good an tight! I keep 2 on my wrecker year round… Chains in mud!… (Log truckers know whats up! Lol)

  3. polehauler41

    I received my CHAIN DAWG TOOL in the mail today. Thank you much. I can tell this tool is going to make chaining up much easier

  4. Craig B. (verified owner)

    Product works amazing, even with gloves on!

  5. Charles R.

    I work in the ND oilfield (a.k.a. the Bakken) there have been winters where going to some locations required you to chain up several times in ONE day! The Chain Dawg is a TIME saver!! I have pulled up behind other drivers fighting their chains and been done throwing my triple rails before them and then gone up to see if I could help them. They always ask how I can throw iron that fast? I have been driving 10 years, in the oil patch, and I always say “experience”… then wink and show them the Chain Dawg 😉

  6. Jason (verified owner)

    Absolutely essential tool in winter to keep me efficient while chaining tractor trailer on the road. Great design – I keep a couple extras both as a replacement Incase lost, and also to give to a new driver to make their life much easier. Excellent Tool.

  7. Luis P. (verified owner)

    Got mine in the mail the other day. Came in just in time before the snow hit on i80 over Donner summit btw I go through everyday. I was amazed by how easy it was to throw my chains on with the chaindawg!

  8. David Moore (verified owner)

  9. Colin (verified owner)

    I came across this tool last year in snoqualmie pass Washington…. I tracked them down to get a couple tools for myself online

    there was some complications with shipping across the US Canadian border with duty/tax and receiving my order so I kinda gave up on getting the tool for a couple months and cut my losses but curiosity got the best of me…. So I made a quick phone call And I would find out they kept my order safe for me all these months
    So I made some adjustments to my shipping address and the problem was solved!!! And for the hassle they included an extra tool….


    1000% would recommend to all drivers it’s a great tool to have for chain up

    • Pam Stowers (store manager)

      Thank you Colin! It was truly a pleasure working with you and so relieved that you finally received your tools!!!!!!!!

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